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Photo Retouching Services

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People Images People Images Digital photo manipulation, special effects and portrait retouching are some of the services that we cater to. As the name suggests that subject in focus is people images. Mostly used by Studio and fashion photographers.

Prices Starting at $ 3 Per image.

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Mass Color Correction Mass Color Correction Used by Digital Labs, Mass scanning labs etc where images are scanned in large volumes for digitization and eventually print.

Service includes – color correction, cropping & rotation of images.

Prices Starting at $ 0.06 Per image.

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Clipping Path Clipping Path's, Masking & Product Retouching A clipping path is a closed vector path, or shape, used to cut out an image. Used by photographers who need images that need to be put into adverts, magazines, catalogs etc.

Mainly divided in 2 main types People and Product.

Prices Starting at $ 1.10 Per image.

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Vector Conversion Vector Conversion Vector-based images can be scaled by any amount without degrading the image quality. The very reason professionals choose to get their images converted to vector so that scaling of the images for printing for large hoardings or large format prints.

Prices Starting at $ 4 Per image.

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Custom Retouching Custom Retouching Custom retouching involves manipulating the image to achieve the best possible output specially in images which may involve recreating section of the image digitally & stitching of multiple images. Here since work involved can only be determined after having looked at by our experts we recommend you send us the images first to get a custom quote.

To know more of what suits your custom retouching needs email us on

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Video Retouching Video caters to all types of simple home video's and full fledge movies - some of the services included are frame stabilization, color correction, removal of noise and dust , jitters, sharpening and more. To know more of what suits your video retouching needs email us on

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