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Stock Image Retouching

Retouching services for Stock and Microstock agencies and photographers. Get the images retouched based on the agency you would like to submit to.


Starting at $3.50/image

Studio Retouching

An essential service for the Studio or Portrait photographer where each face is enhanced by addressing Skin Blemishes, Facial Glare, Stray Hair (Basic), Bags Under Eyes and Whitening of Teeth/Eyes.

Starting at $2.25/image

Family Retouching, Family Photo EditingStudio Retouching, Fashion & Beauty RetouchStudio Retouching, Fashion & Beauty Retouch

  • Before-Professional Headshots
    After-Professional Headshots
    Before Professional Headshots After
  • Before-Professional Headshots - White Background
    After-Professional Headshots - White Background
    Before Professional Headshots - White Background After

Professional Headshots

The service caters to portrait photographers to provide upload ready profile photos. Our edited headshots can be useful for your Social media profile or Brand related communications.

Starting at $0.50/image

Boudoir Retouching

This service is specifically designed for Boudoir photographers who require :

Skin retouching - Blemish removal, color blending including redness and softening tan line, adding warmth to skin tone, skin softening, dodge and burn, Under eye bags removal and teeth whitening

Minor Background Fixes - Remove power outlets and other distracting elements upon request.

Starting at $16/image

Boudoir RetouchingBoudoir Retouching

  • Before-Baby Retouching
    After-Baby Retouching
    Before Baby Retouching After

Baby Retouching

Service is specifically designed for baby photographers. Service includes Basic editing & cleanup, Sharpening, Removal of dead skin, Softening the skin and Reducing the redness of the hands & feet.

Starting at $1.50/image

Pregnancy Retouching

This service specializes in pregnancy photos retouching which includes Basic cleanup, Removal of stretch marks, Skin Softening, Sharpening, Whitening of teeth and eyes.

Starting at $2.00/image

  • Before-Pregnancy Retouching
    After-Pregnancy Retouching
    Before Pregnancy Retouching After

School RetouchSchool Retouch

School Retouching

Service designed for both individual portraits or group photos which will eventually go into a yearbook, ID card or print. This Service includes Color Correction, Straightening, Basic retouching, Removal of marks on uniform, Whitening of teeth and eyes.

Starting at $1.00/image

Basic Retouching

Service specifically designed for photographers who require basic retouching on people images. We offer basic Blemish Removal, Pimple/Acne Removal, Eye Sharpening, Teeth Whitening, Minor Color Correction & Skin Smoothening on Face.

Starting at $1.50/image

Basic RetouchingBasic Retouching

ExtractionImage Extraction

Fast Cutouts - Image Exraction

A faster and simple way of getting your People and Product Images isolated on to a transparent background. The quality of isolation in this service is enough for smaller image sizes like web, smaller sized catalogs, magazine ads, brochures, small posters and print.

Starting at $1.00/image

Pet Retouching

Make your pet look more professional by our Pet Photo editing & retouching service. This service includes Removal of dust and dirt, Color correction, Eye sharpening, Straightening.
We do offer Add On like Removal of halter and ropes, Correcting wet nose, Filling the gaps in animal fur/ hair, Retouching of person(s) and that too with a minimal charge.

Starting at $1.00/image

Pet Photo editing and RetouchingPet Photo editing and Retouching

  • Before-Furniture
    Before Furniture After
  • Before-Footwear
    Before Footwear After
  • Before-Clothing
    Before Clothing After
  • Before-Shadow & Reflection
    After-Shadow & Reflection
    Before Shadow & Reflection After

Product Retouching

This service brings the focus to your product with professionally edited product images, that are clean, consistent, and distraction free; to highlight your product and get it the attention it deserves.

This service includes:

• Isolating image on white background. (Add on)
• Basic removal of wrinkles on clothes.
• Straightening if required.
• Color correction. (on Request)
• Dust removal.
• Removing apparel wrinkles, unnecessary props, etc.

Starting at $1.25/image

Custom Retouching

Custom Retouching covers "Advanced Photoshop Services" like. 
• Adding/Swapping a Person, Body Part or Object. 
• Removing a Person, Body Part or Object. 
• Extending or changing the Background. 
You name it and we will do it. This service is simple but flexible.
Quotes are provided based on the time taken to process the images. The request for a quote is absolutely FREE. You can approve or reject the quote, no strings attached.
Basic Workflow to follow:
• Click on Get Quote button
• Provide Job Instruction. 
• Request for Quote. 
• Upload RAW files and any References. 
• Receive Quote for Job. 
• Approve Quote and Pay. 

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Val Westover

Val Westover Photography

As I was spending too much time doing my own retouching and less time photographing my clients I came to the realization that I had to find a solution. ProImage Experts was that solution. They offer incredible retouching services for my high-end clients and to make things even better, they offer the best customer service…

Peter Urbanski

Peter Urbanski Photography

These guys are THE BEST! I am an architectural photographer and they do 95% of my post processing and have been doing so for the past 4 years. They follow all of my instructions that I make on  “mock up” images and do a perfect job every time. I HIGHLY recommend them to any other architectural photographer who does image blending and needs unwanted items removed from a final TIFF image.

Josh Lamb

Flash It First

The whole experience of working with them was great as the team at ProImage Experts is highly professional, trained, creative, friendly, enthusiastic who deliver quality work well within the time frame…

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Professional editors
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Our talented teams collectively bring decades of industry experience. Each team specializes in specific types of production, ensuring that there is always someone perfect for your needs.


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We know that communications with our clients is key, which is why our customer service team is one of the best in industry. Our 24/7 support team ensures you always have a direct line to help you with your questions and/or order status.


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We know that when it comes to post-production, consistency and quality are key. Our team of creative artists combined with production leads overseeing quality checks, ensures you are always getting high-quality consistency imagery


AI - assisted workflows

In our community AI is often seen as a threat. ProImage recognizes the value of AI and human touch and as such offer workflows which integrate AI where best suited and allows us to offer competitive pricing.


production floor

We couldn't do what we do without the latest technology solutions. Our open-concept, collaborative production floor is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to get your project done fast.


Industry standard software

It is important that we deploy industry leading tools. With that in mind we provide rigorous in-house training on tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier-Pro, After Effects, Blender, and more.