November 25, 2015

Our Mission

The Company

ProImageExperts is a US company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Equipped with a full-fledged state-of-the-art production facility in India, catering to clients across the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Comprised of a team of highly qualified, focused and skilled design professionals with a readiness to turnaround a job in the shortest possible timeframes.

Our Post Production Services Cater to :

  • Stock & Microstock Agencies and Photographers
  • People & Product Photographers
  • Realestate Photographers
  • Wedding, Studio & Event Photographers & Videographers

Our motto is to exceed our client expectations by focusing our efforts on delivering Quality, Performance & Productivity while promoting ProImageExperts values of Creativity and Commitment with excellence.

ProImageExperts caters to photographers, videographers and professionals from all  verticals such as realestate, stock, media, entertainment, sports, wildlife, fashion, portrait and studio shots, product catalogs, magazines, websites and many more. With service requirements of enhancement, retouching, color correction, clipping paths & masking for image and video post-production.

Global Clients, Global Reach

We understand that Digital Image and Video post-production require a very special skill set. Leveraging our skills towards the same, we believe in always executing outstanding work for our clients. Work that speaks for itself, work that sets the records straight and are benchmarks in themselves.

Some of the reasons why Global Clients from corners of the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and other parts of Europe trust ProImageExperts with their image and video post-production needs.

Stamp of Trust & Quality

Having set industry benchmarks repetitively, we aim to conquer new yardsticks on a consistent and continual basis. To showcase our commitments we have successfully applied for and achieved ISO accreditation with an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Compliance Certificate. Such achievements mean a lot to us and act as a springboard for the greater heights that we aim to achieve in the future. With a drive towards unparalleled success and motivation that constantly pushes ProImageExperts to put its best foot forward.

Service that speaks for itself

Digital Image and video editing entails a lot of skilled work that can be undertaken by only hard core design professionals. The ProImageExperts creative and proficient team of over 240+ experts makes sure that services offered to our clients is nothing less than excellence.

Photographers and various professionals trust ProImageExperts for their image post-production requirements related to realestate, stock, media, entertainment, sports, wildlife, fashion, portrait and studio shots, product catalogs, magazines and websites.

ProImageExperts has an equally accomplished team of professionals when it comes to video editing and retouching needs related to TV, commercials, corporate presentations, wedding footage, stock footage, advertising, documentaries, news and more.

All of the services rendered mostly require enhancements, retouching, restoration, color correction, clipping paths & image masking.

The Team – Highly Qualified, Focused & Skilled Design Professionals

ProImageExperts team is a team of highly qualified, focused and skilled design professionals with the readiness to turnaround a job in the shortest possible time-frames. Creativity and commitment has been our forte and the results are there for everyone to see. Backed by a 24 x 6 production facility and state of the art equipment ProImageExperts provides dedicated teams for each customer with the ability to scale team sizes & adapt to customer defined workflows at a moment’s notice.

We fulfill our client’s specific requirements by dedicating focused groups that thoroughly understand the client’s needs and then solely work and deliver as per the client’s expectations. The creative team that works for a particular client is admirably supported by extremely focused, self-motivated and service oriented team of international relations managers who efficiently coordinate with the client and effectively communicate their requirements to the team which results in an excellent output.

Being extremely focused on quality, we go out of the way to make sure our output adheres to international quality norms. For this, we have an inbuilt 3-tier Quality Control process which strictly controls and helps us achieve this goal, all of the above adds to the edge we already enjoy over our competitors.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

The Infrastructure – Full Fledged & State of the Art

World-class work needs world-class infrastructure. We understand the importance of infrastructure when it comes to carrying out work for our clients. To us it defines where we stand in terms of quality and delivery. Understandably, we have taken care of the basics by setting up state-of-the-art infrastructure that’s comparable to the best in the world.

Our employees work on Core i7 and MAC platforms where work comes alive supported by high performance production servers sourced from some of the world’s best organizations such as IBM and Dell. Our systems and servers are in turn supported by a 1 GBPS LAN – which forms the backbone of our network operations and a dedicated high speed 250 MBPS Internet connectivity– the foundation of our internet infrastructure.

Security and confidentiality have an important role to play in our operations as we cannot afford to ignore them. To ensure the maximum level of confidentiality for our clients we have deployed an extremely high level of security measures for data protection. To begin with, all our employees are hired after undergoing stringent background checks. Some of our stringent procedures include round-the-clock monitoring through security cameras. Employees gain access into the premises only after clearing biometric scans. Client file storage is always on the main file server and accessed only through a unique client code. Copying or deleting of files is domain controlled and password protected, only trusted key employees can operate external storage devices within the facility. Storage media such as USB thumb drives & smart phones are prohibited inside the facility. Physical port blocking & restricted internet access are also some of the measures that have been put into place to maintain client confidentiality.

We here at ProImageExperts look forward to doing business with you and given the opportunity, we would be more than happy to service all your image and video post-production needs.