Image Editing Outsourced – Cost and Benefits

The International Society of professional and wedding photographers (ISPWP) has published a study about where wedding photographers spend most of their time.


Photographer's Time


According to this study a wedding photographer invests around 40% of working time into post processing and albums design. There is about four times less time spent on customers, and even less on marketing.

Wedding photographers know best that time is scarce, especially during the wedding season. One or two weddings per week require extensive post processing. And to add to it, the customers expect to receive their wedding photos and albums as soon as possible within season.

Is it worth outsourcing your image editing?

If an average wedding produces 2000 shots and 600 are to be delivered to the customer, image editing takes up to 1-2 days. If image editing is outsourced, this saves up to 75% of time and costs 100-200 Euros.
Invest in outsourcing and gain potential:

  • Spend more time on Marketing, Networking and Customer service. You might generate more jobs and revenue.
  • Outsourcing image editing enables taking additional orders per week.
  • Short processing times and rapid deployment of images inspire customers, which in turn means positive marketing for the photographer.
  • By outsourcing basic image editing a wedding photographer gains time for personal fine-tuning:
    Processing highlight shots and final look. This results in better pictures for the client!
  • There are often no additional services, like albums or videos, due to lack of time. Outsourcing, enables this without limitations. These offers mean higher margins than with a regular job.
  • Especially during the season, wedding photographers can have a 7 day workload. Motivation, family and even health can suffer during this time. A day off for 100 Euros is always welcomed.

Based on our experience and feedback from our clients, photographers who have taken the step to outsource their images have reported a considerable improvement in their professional and personal lives. For the photographer this meant more customers, more jobs accepted, more free time and more revenue from existing customers.

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