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Portrait Retouching

Retouching specially designed for studio photographers with focus on single or groups of people and portrait shots with intended use in prints, picture frames or coffee table books.

Prices Starting at $ 3 Per image.

There are 3 levels of retouching.

Basic Retouching Basic retouching includes minimal skin and background cleaning, removal of some stray hairs, basic whitening of teeth and eyes and reduction of bags under the eyes, moles and skin imperfections.

This is a very basic form of clean up of the image.

Medium Retouching Medium retouching is a more detailed form of retouching with focus on skin imperfections, stray hairs, whitening of the nails, etc. Please refer samples below for a better idea.

Advanced Retouching The is a much more detailed form of retouching with enhancement of eyes, removal of facial hair and wrinkles, straightening of clothing, removal of objects and addition of vignette where necessary. The final images here would be picture perfect.

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